A Look At The Best Shopping Malls In Boston

shopping in boston

Shopping is something loved by anyone and Boston has wonderful options to make when it comes to shopping. As a matter of fact, there are numerous shopping malls all over the city and here are some wonderful shopping malls and their highlights listed in detail.

First is the Burlington mall that gives an unforgettable shopping experience to the person who visits it. This is considered to be a home for the famous fashion houses. In fact, the renovated food court in the mall is famous for its sea foods and grills. This place has more than 150 shops for the kid necessities that make this place a favorite for the children.

Next is the Cambridgeside Galleria. This is a perfect spot for the in town shopping mall. There are around 120 shops in this place, and this includes numerous branded shops also. The dining is this mall is very simple yet convincing. Liberty Tree Mall is another place loved by many people in Boston. This place considered to be the best place for the one stop shopping. This place has numerous shops that provide all ranges of products at reasonable rates. It is possible to find almost all the required materials under one roof.

Another choice available is the Northshore Mall. This place also has about 120 shops in it, and this place is famous for its large food court. In fact, there are seven full-service restaurants in this mall. This place was renovated recently, and this makes the place more preferable.

Copley place is the shopping mall that is situated in the historic Back Bay. This mall has more than 70 top retailers and branded shops. A very big problem that will be faced by the visitors of such places will be the parking facility. It will be very hard to find the parking lot in such crowded places, but this mall has an added advantage of 1000 parking facility. The hotel in this mall is also known for its wonderful dishes. In case, if a person wants to shop in the Braintree area, then a wonderful option will be to visit the South Shore Plaza.

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