Information On The Theatres In Boston


Theatres are a spot that will be loved by many people as it is a very good place with high entertainment value. Boston is a place where a person can find fantastic theaters that are considered to be a very good time pass. Here is some information about the famous theaters in Boston.

The first and foremost will be the AMC Assembly 12. This is the newest theater in the spot has many technical advancements and advantages in it when compared to the other theaters. One of the important attractions in this theater is the mix and match soda vending machine that allows the person to create his own soda flavors. There is a bar in this theater and drinks are allowed inside this theater but still this place is highly hygienic and clean. Both 3D movies and IMAX shall be screened in this spot. Normally, in Boston it will be a bit challenging to find a parking lot in Boston but this problem will not be there in this theater as it has a very good parking facility.

The next theater is Brattle. This theater is considered to be a very good place to screen foreign, art house, independent, and classic movies that cannot normally be found in any other theaters. In fact, this makes each screening as an event. This theater will have monthly screening calendar according to which the screenings will be done, and the annual trailer treat event is a favorite for many. During this event, trailers starting from the year of 1950 to till date will be screened for two hours. This place also screens cartoon shows on a regular basis making this a preferable spot for kids too.

Another famous theater in this part is the Coolidge Corner Theater. This is basically an art house that also screens independent movies.

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